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Technically, 'Soldering,' in fine jewelry making, is really “brazing” although 'Soldering' is the commonly used term. In this class you'll learn various Soldering techniques & 'Tips' allowing you to Solder bezels, size rings, add ear posts, do repair work, etc.

We begin by reviewing basic processes covered in Beginning Soldering then you’ll spend the day learning new techniques & practicing Soldering skills In this 4 hour class with private, one to one instruction... the best and quickest way to gain Soldering confidence.

You'll work with brass & sterling as you learn techniques used to solder findings and make jewelry. Gold & platinum soldering will also be explained and demonstrated.

Private Instruction:

(Beginning + Advanced)

$395 + $10 materials. (8+ hours total)

Fees due 1 week prior to class start date.

Call To Register:  206-527-1515

In class we use the best soldering gases: Natural Gas & Propane combined with oxygen. Some jewelry programs still use Acetylene... a very dirty gas and a poor choice for jewelry work. (acetylene + oxygen is best for steel welding)

People starting to solder should use propane & air Torches. Although these simpler units lack the range of flame control and higher temperatures Torches also using oxygen provide they are a cost effective & inexpensive option to start with. You'll work with the best Torches in class along with a beginning Torch setup to get a feel for a variety of tools and costs.

We'll cover information about special Torch tools that expand soldering options (click Paige Tools below) plus we discuss the best suppliers for online (mail order) soldering materials and tools.

Once you’re able to solder with confidence many jewelry projects become possible. These classes will help develop your technique as you master the #1 skill in fine jewelry making!

Persons under 18 yrs. of age need signed parental permission to take this class.