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After learning bezel setting the next setting technique you should learn is Prong Setting faceted stones. Prong setting skill is central to expanding your creative abilities in jewelry making.
In many ways prong setting gems is faster and less expensive, in material costs, than bezel setting. The look of prong set stones is sometimes the most appropriate style for a design and occasionally the only option available. Understanding ‘when’ to employ prong setting is also part of learning this technique.

Cost: $395 + $30 for materials.

Private Instruction:

Fees due 2 weeks prior to your start date.

Call To Register:  206-527-1515

During this 2 day class (each session is 4 hours) you’ll learn how to set round faceted stones + several “fancy shapes“ like marquise and pear shapes that often use “Chevron” ( V-shape) prongs on their pointed ends.

You’ll work with sterling settings and use synthetic faceted stones. You’ll learn about the different tools and flex shaft bits commonly used to cut seats in prongs, how to adjust stone seats using a graver, how to match prong settings to your stones, various ways to finish prong tips plus little tricks to make your settings look professional.

Add a new layer of creativity to your jewelry by using prong setting and see your designs light up!

Persons under 18 yrs. of age need signed parental permission to take this class.