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Pearls sit at the top of the “gem” list in popularity but remain a mystery to many jewelry makers about how they’re actually made.

During this 2 hour class you’ll learn about the pearl culturing process. I’ll demonstrate how a nucleus is implanted in oysters using instruments and tools employed by technicians who preform the “seeding” operation. We’ll cover information about salt and freshwater pearls from the South Pacific, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, China & the US.


Group Instruction: $85 ea.(2-3 people)

Private Instruction: $120 

Fees due 1 week prior to class start date by Check or Credit Card.


This class is not offered on a regular basis. Here’s an opportunity to acquire information that will add to your pearl knowledge, help you make better pearl purchase decisions plus, speak with more authority to customers about pearls & your pearl jewelry... very helpful in sales!


Typical seeding station.

Oyster operating instruments.

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