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In this 2-day class (4 hours ea. session) you’ll make 3 gravers and learn how to use them to make your bezel settings sparkle!. We’ll focus on the most commonly used graver shapes, Flat, Round & Knife Edge. You’ll learn how to prepare them (gravers are not purchased ready to use), correctly sharpen them and how to employ gravers in several important jewelry making procedures. You'll also learn how to add simple decorative treatments to your work with the gravers you make.

Gravers are commonly used to give bezel settings a beautiful 'finished look,' add sparkle or decorative detail to a design and assist in prong setting. Learning to use gravers will give you these options and more! If you create wax models for casting employing gravers will open up new possibilities in how you carve and decorate your waxes!

Cost: (Private Instruction)

$425 + $50 materials (graver blanks, handles,

sharpening stone, oil, etc.)

Fees due 2 weeks prior to your start date.

Call To Register  206-527-1515

"If you want your bezels to look 'professional' learning to use gravers is a must." R.Paille

*** No single, jewelry-making-tool has as many different uses or will add ‘esthetic value’ to your designs as easily and 'cost effectively' as the "Graver.”  R.P.

Persons under 18 yrs. of age need signed parental permission to take this class.