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Have you thought about being a self employed jewelry maker? Maybe one day even having a retail store or jewelry gallery? These are only a few of the many career options available in jewelry today. Learning about your options is a wise “First Step” in planning your future in jewelry.

Jewelry schools teach technical skills not career guidance. Without information on ‘Where to Start’ and ‘What to Learn’ making smart choices is like throwing darts blindfolded. In an industry as large as “Jewelry,” with so many areas of expertise and job possibilities, the Best First Step is taking a class that provides real-world information and sound advise on what you need to know and how to get started in your own jewelry business.

This 5 hour class we’ll discuss self employment in the jewelry industry as well as jewelry ‘corporate’ careers. We’ll talk about jewelry industry trends and advancement opportunities. Having this information will better enable you to match your interests and talents with jewelry business options and set a course with the goal of having your own jewelry business.

I’ve worked full time in the jewelry industry for 45 years. I’ve owned two retail jewelry stores and several manufacturing shops, been through Gemology school, had a pearl importing business and done lots of jewelry making & marketing. You could say I’ve “been there, done that.” Now I’m interested in sharing my years of experience “behind the counter and at the bench” to assist people considering working in the jewelry field. We’ll also discuss making jewelry for a living and marketing your work retail & wholesale. How to connect with best Galleries find the best Craft Shows, where to sell online plus other areas. More options than you probably imagined... and a few that may surprise you!

With unlimited opportunities the jewelry business can be a rewarding career. Learning what’s available before deciding on a course of study is key to focusing your efforts on route to your goals. This class will clarify options and help you make wiser choices on the way to your own jewelry business!

Cost: $395 - 4 Hours - Private Instruction.  Call 206-527-1515

If you’re considering having your own jewelry business this class is for you!