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Look at a head 'profile' of women wearing dangle earrings with Shepherd Hook findings. Notice how the Shepherd Hooks often 'stick out' at the back of the ear rather than pointing down as they should. "Commercial" Shepherd Hooks & improperly made ones commonly have this problem. Both types are frequently not 'springy' and remain open after earrings are put on increasing the likelihood of an earring loss.

Shepherd Hooks Class / $150

Fees Due two weeks prior to class start date.

Call To Register:  206-527-1515

Have you seen the little, ear wire making 'jigs' sold by tool suppliers advertised to make Shepherd Hooks? They produce poorly designed findings without the benefits and design options you'll be able to include in custom made Shepherd Hooks.

"As jewelry makers work to improve their technical skills, and the quality of what they produce, attention to details like 'findings' is an important part of the process." R. Paille

This 3-hour class will show you how to make Shepherd Hook findings the right way. Strong & Springy Findings that point down, vs. ‘sticking out.’ This skill will add to the quality of your work and your standing as a 'quality' jewelry maker!

Read many ‘How-To’ jewelry making books and you’ll likely make Shepherd Hooks the wrong way. Take this class and learn how to fabricate this finding correctly and 'esthetically matched' to different size earrings.

** This is a Special 3-hour class not offered on a regular basis.