The clean-looking technique of Flush Setting gems can add “sparkle” to your designs without the extra $ cost or time required to make & install bezel or prong settings. No soldering required for typical Flush setting or worries about prongs that may catch on clothing. The Flush Setting style is a must to learn and use! 

In this 5-hour class you’ll learn how it’s done the traditional way and, I believe, a Better Way. The traditional way is not as clean looking plus requires stones to be set “a little too low” visually. You’ll work in sterling with faceted CZ.

Learn a setting technique that’s great looking, cost effective and popular. Use it to add gem color & sparkle to designs in silver and gold or as the main setting style in your jewelry. All traditional faceted gem shapes can be flush set... not ‘just’ round stones. You’ll love using this technique!

Flush Set Stones

Cost: $175 (private instruction)

Fees due 1 week prior to class start date.

Instructor: Richard Paille

Call To Register:  206-527-1515

Location: Seattle, WA