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Pearls sit at the top of the “gem” list in popularity but remain a mystery to many jewelry makers in how they should be correctly drilled and mounted.

This 2 hour class will answer those questions and allow you to maximize the beauty of pearls in your designs. Additionally I’ll show you how to ‘unmount’ pearls using no heat and without damaging a pearls surface.

Cost:  (Private Instruction)

$99 + $10 materials

Fees due 1 week prior to your start date.

Call To Register:  206-527-1515

“Special” tools are not required to work with pearls... just special ‘procedures.’ In the mounting (setting) process I use a ‘broken’ tool and rely on a “physics” law to complete the process. I’ll show you this and how you can easily remove some surface blemishes to improve a pearls appearance.

A class with practical tips, advise and real world procedures based on many years working with pearls, my favorite "gem."

Persons under 18 years of age need signed parental permission to take this class.